a bit

a couple of

a few

a good deal

a good many

a great deal

a great many

a little

a lot of

abide by

above all

account for

accuse of

add up to

after all

ahead of

all but

all of a sudden

all over

all right

all the same

all the time

allow for

and so on

apart from

as a mater of fact

as a result of

as far as

as if

as long as

as regards

as soon as

as though

aside from

ask after

ask for

at a loss

at all costs

at first sight

at hand

at intervals

at least

at length

at once

at present

at the moment

at times

back and forth

back down

back up

be about to

before long

begin with


break away

break down

break in

break into

break out

break through

bring about

bring down

bring up

build up

burn down

burn out

but for

by accident

by all means

by and by

by and large

by far

by means of

by no means

by the way

by way of

call for

call off

call on

call up

can not help

capable of

care about

care for

carry on

carry out

cast away

catch on

catch up with

check in

check out

check up

clear up

come about

come across

come along

come off

come out

come round

come through

come to

come up

come up with

compare with

comply with

consist of

count on

cover up

cut across

cut back

cut off

cut out

cut short

deal with

depend on

deprive of

die down

die out

differ from

do away with

do one's best

do without

draw in

draw on

draw up

dress up

drop behind

drop by

drop in

drop off

drop out

due to

each other


end up

engage in

even if

even though

ever so

except for

face to face

fall apart

fall back on

fall behind

fall in with

fall out

fall through

far from

feed on

feel like

figure out

fill in

fill out

find fault

find out

for ever

for example

for good

for the better

for the moment

for the sake of

for the time being

from time to time

get across

get ahead of

get along

get at

get away

get by

get hold of

get in

get into

get off

get on

get on with

get out

get over

get rid of

get through

get together

give away

give away to

give back

give forth

give in

give off

give out

give rise to

give up

go after

go ahead

go along with

go around

go back on

go by

go down

go in for

go into

go off

go on

go out

go over

go through

go up

go wrong

had better

had rather…than

hand back

hand down

hand in

hand on

hand out

hand over

hang on

hang up

have in mind

have nothing to do with

have on

have something to do with

head for

hear from

heart and soul

help oneself to

hold back

hold on

hold out

hold up

how about

hurry up

if only

in a hurry

in a moment

in a sense

in a way

in a word

in accordance with

in addition

in addition to

in advance

in all

in any case

in brief

in case

in case of

in charge of

in common

in consequence

in consequence of

in debt

in detail

in effect

in face of

in fact

in favor of

in front of

in future

in general

in hand

in honor of

in memory of

in no case

in no time

in no way

in order

in order that

in order to

in other words

in part

in particular

in person

in place

in place of

in public

in short

in sight

in spite of

in the course of

in the distance

in the end

in the event of

in the first place

in the future

in the light of

in the way

in time

in turn

in vain

instead of

judge by

judge with

just now

keep an eye on

keep back

keep down

keep off

keep on

keep one's head

keep one's word

keep to

keep up

keep up with

kind of

knock at

knock down

knock out

laugh at

lay aside

lay down

lay down the law

lay off

lay out

lead the way

learn from

leave alone

leave behind

leave off

leave out

leave over

let alone

let go of

lie in

line up

listen to

little by little

live by

live on

live up to

live with

lock up

long for

look after

look at

look back

look down upon

look for

look forward to

look into

look on

look out

look over

look through

look up

look up to

lose heart

lose one's temper

make do

make for

make fun of

make one's way

make out

make sense

make sure

make the best

make up

make up for

make up one's mind

make use of

make way

may as well

mix up

more or less

most of all


never mind

no doubt

no good

no less than

no longer

no matter how

no more

no more than

no sooner…than

no wonder

none other than

not only…but also

nothing but

now and then

now that

of course

off and on

off duty

on account of

on average

on behalf of

on board

on business

on condition that

on duty

on earth

on foot

on guard

on hand

on occasions

on one's own

on purpose

on sale

on schedule

on second thoughts

on the contrary

on the grounds of

on the one hand

on the other hand

on the point of

on the whole

on time

once for all

one another

or else

other than

out of breath

out of date

out of order

out of place

out of practice

out of question

out of sight

out of the question

out of touch

over and over

owing to

pass away

pass by

pass out

pass through


pay attention to

pay for

pay off

pick off

pick out

play a part in

play with

plug in

point at

point out

point to

preside over

prior to

provide for

pull down

pull out

pull up

put aside

put away

put back

put down

put forth

put forward

put into effect

put off

put on

put out

put through

put up

put up with

qualify for

quite a few

rather than

refer to

refer to…as

regardless of

respond to

rest on

result in

right away

right now

ring off

ring up

run down

run into

run out of

run over

run through

search after

see off

see through

see to

see to it that

seek after

send away

send for

send in

set about

set apart

set aside

set back

set down

set forth

set free

set off

set out

set up

settle down

shake off

show off

show up

shut up

side by side

slow down

so as to

so far

so that

something of

sooner or later

sort out

stand by

stand for

stand out

stand up

stand up for

stand up to

step by step

step up

stick to

such as

suffer from

sum up

switch off

switch on

take a chance

take advantage of

take after

take apart

take away

take back

take care

take care of

take charge of

take down

take for

take for granted

take in

take into account

take off

take on

take one's time

take over

take part in

take place

take the place of

take to

take turns

take up

talk over

tell apart

thanks to

that is to say

the same…as

think about

think better of

think of

think out

think over

throw away

throw light on something

touch on

try on

try out

turn down

turn off

turn over

turn to

turn up

under control

under the circumstances

under way

up and down

up to


use up

vice versa

vote down

vote for

vote on

vote through

wait for

wait on

wake up

warm up

watch out

wear away

wear out

what about

what if


wind up

wipe out

with regard to

with the exception of

word for word

work at

work on

work out

work upon

would rather…than�/a>

write off

yield to